The idea of having to know everything there is to know about how to design a floorplan is intimidating, to say the least. First of all—you don’t have to know everything, we do the heavy lifting for you! Secondly, there are some important details that most people need some help with; i.e. 2 or 3 car garage, open floorplan or traditional, ceiling height, roof angles, and elevations just to name a few. All of these items are very important in determining what your total investment in your house will be. Winston Homes will help you navigate those twists and turns.


So, a common question is how do I know what kind of square footage to shoot for? The answer is that it depends on your priorities. The number of rooms and the size of those rooms isn’t always the biggest point. For instance, if you’re a growing family then bedrooms would probably be a premium deal. But, if you’re a couple that likes to cook then maybe the size and flow of the kitchen is a bigger point than the size of a spare bedroom. There are some basic guidelines that tend to point you towards more or less square footage—obviously 5,000 is going to require a lot more material and of course more money to build than a 2,500 sq.ft. house would. Beyond that—we flesh out those details with you to determine what is going to make your house work for you.


Another common concern is cost per square foot and how to get it as low as it can be. The answer there also depends on your priorities. Does your cost per foot being a little higher make it worth the energy savings you’ll get later? Do want upgrades in the materials or will standard work for you? How about things like stone work and roof angles, where are they on your list of must-haves? There are also some building techniques we use to build a better overall house even though it technically raises the cost per foot a few dollars it actually saves you money by not being nickel and dimed by every individual piece of labor or person that has to touch the house.


We know the ins-and-outs of house building and can probably anticipate most of your questions, but we’re always happy to discover something new with a client as well. Make an appointment with Winston Custom Homes to look at our building process and concept plans. We’ll help you chose the plan, build the plan, and love the house!


Matthew Winston Walls - Owner/President

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